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Gaming Management Platform

Handling a wide range of player and wallet services, Inviision is a flexible and scalable iGaming platform solution for all your requirements.

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Why Gaming Management?

Operators using Inviision enjoy a complete overview of customer activities, transactions, balance, and all the necessary tools to build a loyal customer base. Inviision swiftly handles player and wallet management, 3rd party CRM integrations, compliance functionalities, and in-depth reporting.

  • Player Account Management (PAM) to effectively handle players and transactions.
  • Enhanced monitoring of wallets, transactions and regulatory data .
  • Responsible for gaming features to ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Seamless wallet across all gaming vendors and payment methods
  • Enhanced flexibility to allow integrations with the operator’s PAM/Wallet.
  • Fraud detection and prevention tools.
  • Role management to segment players and apply bonus program definitions and reports.
  • Audit trail for tracking the actions performed by the system or operations teams.
  • In-depth reporting and comprehensive overview of all player’s activities.
  • CRM integration with 3rd party solutions.
  • API support for operators to build their websites or apps.
  • API support for integration with 3rd party PAM/Wallet.
  • Scalable infrastructure that handles billions of requests monthly.

CRM Integrations

Inviision handles integrations with players’ engagement tools such as Fast Track, Optimove or Emarsys for player segmentation and increased ROI on your marketing campaigns.

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